Credibility? Let’s talk about credibility for a minute.

In my humble opinion, at some point Jennifer Lazovich’s ownership stake in CWNevada as well as her continued association with scumbag (in my opinion, as I have often referred to him), Brian Padgett, has to have a negative influence on her ability to serve, maintain and acquire new clients both as a registered lobbyist with the state of Nevada and as a partner in the law firm, Kaempfer Crowell.

Lazovich is a registered lobbyist in Nevada for the cannabis industry, the industry that CWNevada is engaged in. CWNevada currently, according to court filings, owes more than 100 creditors more than $50 Million. And as a reminder, Lazovich is a minority owner in CWNevada. Wouldn’t you think she would distance herself from CWNevada as much as possible?

I imagine Kaempfer Crowell is none to pleased with her choices. And really, don’t those poor choices reflect directly on her ability as a decision-maker related to her work?

You know what you need to do, Jennifer Lazovich, don’t you? Question is, when are you going to do it?

Jennifer Lazovich told me directly that she was actively involved in this business, which before I knew what I know now about CWNevada, enticed me and others to invest.