Dear Jennifer Lazovich: Natalie Lieberman Tattoo Suggestion –
Brian C. Padgett’s Inmate Number (Your Thoughts?)

Hey Jennifer! We have an idea we’d like to get your feedback on. How about Natalie Lieberman adds Brian C. Padgett’s inmate number to her side tattoo (see above suggestion). What do you think?

In case you haven’t heard, your baby daddy, Brian Padgett, was allegedly picked up on a felony bench warrant earlier this week and is now in custody in Clark County Detention Center for passing some $400,00 in bad checks. He’s now sitting in jail as inmate No. 01667502. You can read our post on our sister site: BRIAN C. PADGETT IS NOW OFFICIALLY INMATE NO. 01667502

And the Nevada State Bar, in their complaint filed against him, has recommended he be disbarred for five years. Our question: why only five years?

Looks like BDBP (Baby Daddy Brian Padgett) is finally getting his comeuppance.

Do you remember when you told me about your political clout? Couldn’t keep baby daddy out of jail?

Well, stay tuned for more details.

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Steve Barket Calls for the Resignation of Dennis Neilander From the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB)

On July 21, 2020, Nevada state’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) handed down a host of penalties, fines and license revocations related to what I call the “wild west” operation of CWNevada, which operated a number of marijuana facilities in and around the Las Vegas area. (Read more about the CCB’s actions here – Nevada Independent – and here – Nevada Current.)

Majority owner of CWNevada is Nevada attorney Brian C. Padgett. One of his partners in the business and a minority owner is Jennifer Lazovich. Dennis Neilander, who sits on the CCB as a board member, is an attorney in the law firm of Kaempfer Crowell, which has represented CW Nevada. Jennifer Lazovich is a colleague of Neilander’s who also works at Kaempfer Crowell. Jennifer Lazovich is a partner at the firm.

In my opinion, things are just a little too cozy at the CCB. The CCB, Kaempfer Crowell, Dennis Neilander, Jennifer Lazovich — all are too tightly tied together in this cannabis industry. Neilander’s mere presence on the board could have a chilling effect on decisions related to CWNevada, owners Padgett and Lazovich, and conflict with CWNevada’s representation by Kaempfer Crowell.

Neilander must resign!

Regardless of his voting abstention in the CWNevada case, with his presence on the board, the fact that he and CWNevada minority owner Jennifer Lazovich are colleagues at the same law firm in which she is a partner, which has represented CWNevada and majority owner Brian C. Padgett, there’s too high a probability that all of that together could influence the CCB. Call it a confluence of influence. Regardless of the latest action taken by the CCB against CWNevada, as strong as it was, without the presence and connections of Neilander’s, I would be so bold as to suggest that the CCB’s sanctions on CWNevada could have been even stronger.

That’s my humble opinion.

I’ll say it again: Nielander must resign!

This conflict of interest between the CCB, Kaempfer Crowell, Dennis Neilander, Jennifer Lazovich, Brian C. Padgett (who by the way has fathered children with Lazovich) and CWNevada cannot be allowed to continue. These are truly familial connections. They need to be broken by the state.

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Brian C. Padgett, Bar No. 7474 & Jennifer Lazovich’s Baby Daddy is a Court Deadbeat; No-Show for Mandated Court Appearances as a Defendant & Attorney Representing Himself

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JENNIFER LAZOVICH: Partner With Kaempfer Crowell Law Firm, is a Liar, Lobbyist, Baby Mama to
Brian Padgett, Nevada State Bar No. 7474 (In My Opinion)

Brian Padgett, Nevada State Bar No. 7474 — King of All Cowards

After having had more than one discussion face-to-face with Jennifer Lazovich, I’ve come to the conclusion that her boasting about relationships with government agencies is probably more fact than fiction. She is definitely juiced in to the who’s who in Nevada.

She boasted that her cell phone records would reveal “people in high places, all the way to the top.”

Since that time, her cowardly baby daddy has outright ripped off the elderly — one gentleman being 69, the other being 75 — for more than $1.2 Million. As she continues to go to meetings and appear in front of Clark County commissioners and tout that she is a partner of Kaempfer Crowell, a lobbyist (and who is also a stockholder in CWNevada and fathered twins with this admitted cocaine user and deadbeat, Brian Padgett), is amazing.

Furthermore, since I have drawn attention to her approximately $100,000 engagement ring, she no longer wears it. I base that on videos that I have seen where she stands in front of the Clark County Commission “peddling zoning changes.”

How anyone could give this woman credibility, who clearly took off her ring and now hides it.

In closing, “King of All Cowards” is how I would describe Brian C. Padgett, a man who blatantly and boldly rips off the elderly. He is a lying, thieving individual who was a low-life, drug-using scumbag (in my opinion).

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Jennifer Lazovich – Lobbyist/Liar (In My Opinion):
I’ve Launched This Site Regarding Lazovich, Las Vegas,
Lawyering and Lobbying …

It’s time to hold people like Jennifer Lazovich — who looked me in the eye and assured me everything was OK with CWNevada (a company she formally represents as a lobbyist) — accountable for their behavior and accountable to a call of transparency. As a result, and to call out information surrounding Jennifer Lazovich, CWNevada (which deals in the cannabis trade), Brian C. Padgett (majority owner of CWNevada), and others, I have formed this website.

Here’s a little bit of the back-story: Jennifer Lazovich sat in my house and was a guest of mine with her children at a family-friendly Monster Jam Las Vegas show with the twins she had with Brian C. Padgett (not sure if the C stands for Christopher or Cocaine use — per his admission to law enforcement). I was assured that everything being done related to CWNevada, which included investments both present and future, would be closely monitored, and she assured me that activity in, and the livelihood of, CWNevada would flourish. No such luck with that. CWNevada is now in receivership.

She had no problem touting her relationships with the “who’s who” of Nevada including top government officials and attorneys. As I sit here today licking my wounds over $1.6 million in joint losses, it’s clear to see that Jennifer’s word was absolutely worthless. In fact, her word was nothing more than that of a liar, to be blunt.

Transparency is important if you’re a lobbyist and you represent the kind of relationships with top government (a variety of Nevada State Boards in accountancy, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry), legal entities (Nevada District Judges Association), utilities, health care, etc. that you tout (see Nevada State Lobbyists screen shot below). When I brought into question her engagement ring, she had no answers. The only reaction is the it’s my understanding that she no longer wears or displays the ring. I have other documentation in hand stating the value of the ring as being close to $100,000. The stated value was taken from an official document that was anonymously sent to me.

Also, Jennifer Lazovich, baby mama to Brian C. Padgett’s twin children, is a paid lobbyist across multiple industries engaged with dozens of companies — one of which is Padgett’s own CWNevada. CWNevada is a marijuana grower, marketer, distributor and commercial sales business, and is as was mentioned previously, in receivership.

Click on above image to see full-size

Jennifer: it’s time to come clean.

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Jennifer Lazovich, Las Vegas Attorney, Bar No. 6714:
An Open Letter …

Dear Jennifer,

As a lobbyist, you of all people should know how important openness and transparency is. Several sources have told me that the wedding/engagement ring you have (and at one time wore, although I see lately that apparently you haven’t been wearing it) was a present that fellow cannabis and land rights use Las Vegas attorney Brian Padgett gave you in 2016. Here’s the little twist on that story — I heard that you had paid for it. (As a note to this story, FYI, Brian Padgett got up in state court and told the judge that he wasmarried and was raising his family in Clark County. Hmmm.)

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt in clearing up this mystery: Did you pay for the ring or did Pagett pay for it? If he did, where did the money come from? You know, according to court records, he’s $50 million in debt, right?

Sources told me that the appearance of the ring allegedly came at the same time as huge amounts of investment money.

You appear to be one of the largest stock holders of CWNevada LLC, according to paperwork filed with the state of Nevada (see document above), which is now in receivership. CWNevada was Brian Padgett’s business cannabis concept (60% ownership of a pot growth, distribution and sales business).

So, let me review: Can you tell me, where did the money come from and how was the ring paid for? Oh, I should let you know that Brian Padgett took me into the store where the ring was purchased. I will just describe the owner of the store by his first initial: M. So I know where to get the information from if I have to. Just wondering if you will “fess up”?

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Jennifer Lazovich, Bar No. 6714, and the Hundred Thousand Dollar Diamond Ring Mystery

A really big diamond ring; alleged value nearly $100,000

Jennifer, I have personally seen this relatively gargantuan hundred thousand dollar (OK, if you want to split hairs, $99,000) ring four different times. If I were to guess, I’d say it was around 4-6 carats, minimum.

Apparently, you haven’t been wearing it lately. Do you still have it? If not, where did it go? Were you able to recoup what was paid for it?

Remember my favorite word, “transparency” Jennifer. Shouldn’t be an issue with you, right? Especially with all the scrutiny and lawsuits that are in play with Brian Padgett right now, who admitted to using cocaine and who is so deep in debt he can’t see the sun. You know his current situation well: he’s surrounded by controversy and lawsuits.

I’m sure you’ve done your due dilligence by this point in your relationshipo with Padgett. You must know the following if you’re worth your salt as an attorney:

A. Padgett wakes up in the same room as a dead woman who overdosed in a Henderson home’s bedroom after he admittedly did cocaine with her overnight (see:
B. Padgett is some $50 million in debt with more than 100 debtors trying to get their money back
C. He’s tied up in litigation involving at least 10-15 law firms
D. He’s threatened to physically harm a number of people
E. And to try to shut down the truth about what’s going on with him, let’s not forget the DDoS attack he was behind

So what do you say, Jennifer? Any way you can help clear up some of the mystery between you, Padgett and that huge hunk of jewelry?

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Who is Jennifer Lazovich?

Jennifer Lazovich, Las Vegas attorney specializing in cannabis, zoning, land use planning and government affairs, voted as the “Las Vegas Best Lawyers® Government Relations Practice – Lawyer of the Year” for 2019.

She also is the baby mama to disgraced Las Vegas attorney Brian C. Padgett, who, according to court documents, owes an estimated 100 debtors $50 million. She is the mother of Padgett’s son. Although there is a bit of a mystery as to whether or not she’s actually married to Padgett. More on that to come.

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