Jennifer Lazovich – Lobbyist/Liar (In My Opinion):
I’ve Launched This Site Regarding Lazovich, Las Vegas,
Lawyering and Lobbying …

It’s time to hold people like Jennifer Lazovich — who looked me in the eye and assured me everything was OK with CWNevada (a company she formally represents as a lobbyist) — accountable for their behavior and accountable to a call of transparency. As a result, and to call out information surrounding Jennifer Lazovich, CWNevada (which deals in the cannabis trade), Brian C. Padgett (majority owner of CWNevada), and others, I have formed this website.

Here’s a little bit of the back-story: Jennifer Lazovich sat in my house and was a guest of mine with her children at a family-friendly Monster Jam Las Vegas show with the twins she had with Brian C. Padgett (not sure if the C stands for Christopher or Cocaine use — per his admission to law enforcement). I was assured that everything being done related to CWNevada, which included investments both present and future, would be closely monitored, and she assured me that activity in, and the livelihood of, CWNevada would flourish. No such luck with that. CWNevada is now in receivership.

She had no problem touting her relationships with the “who’s who” of Nevada including top government officials and attorneys. As I sit here today licking my wounds over $1.6 million in joint losses, it’s clear to see that Jennifer’s word was absolutely worthless. In fact, her word was nothing more than that of a liar, to be blunt.

Transparency is important if you’re a lobbyist and you represent the kind of relationships with top government (a variety of Nevada State Boards in accountancy, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry), legal entities (Nevada District Judges Association), utilities, health care, etc. that you tout (see Nevada State Lobbyists screen shot below). When I brought into question her engagement ring, she had no answers. The only reaction is the it’s my understanding that she no longer wears or displays the ring. I have other documentation in hand stating the value of the ring as being close to $100,000. The stated value was taken from an official document that was anonymously sent to me.

Also, Jennifer Lazovich, baby mama to Brian C. Padgett’s twin children, is a paid lobbyist across multiple industries engaged with dozens of companies — one of which is Padgett’s own CWNevada. CWNevada is a marijuana grower, marketer, distributor and commercial sales business, and is as was mentioned previously, in receivership.

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Jennifer: it’s time to come clean.

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