Dear Liar, Lobbyist Jennifer Lazovich, Bar No. 6714 (Partner, Kaempfer Crowell Law Firm):

Don’t be a coward like your baby daddy, Brian Padgett. Grow a pair.

File suit to try to take down this Website so we can get in front of a District Court Judge for an evidentiary hearing. I would love nothing better than to do that.

It’s time to get some answers. You are a documented owner of CWNevada, the cannabis business, and supported your baby daddy. Your reign of B.S. is over. Man up (in your case, woman up) and file a suit.

You often tout your political and other significant connections in Reno. Well, let’s see if they’ll rally around you now.

Please contact me for process service at the following address: [email protected]. I will gladly accept service.

I have gone through your list of clients posted on the Nevada state lobbyist site. Your behavior and actions, in my mind, put a big dent in your credibility. You were a part of CWNevada that swindled and robbed the life savings of two elderly men – 69 and 75 years old. That’s elder abuse and unjust enrichment. You look down your nose in arrogance at others, and, in my opinion, that arrogance not only is unjustified, it is almost laughable at this point.