Jennifer Lazovich, Bar No. 6714, and the Hundred Thousand Dollar Diamond Ring Mystery

A really big diamond ring; alleged value nearly $100,000

Jennifer, I have personally seen this relatively gargantuan hundred thousand dollar (OK, if you want to split hairs, $99,000) ring four different times. If I were to guess, I’d say it was around 4-6 carats, minimum.

Apparently, you haven’t been wearing it lately. Do you still have it? If not, where did it go? Were you able to recoup what was paid for it?

Remember my favorite word, “transparency” Jennifer. Shouldn’t be an issue with you, right? Especially with all the scrutiny and lawsuits that are in play with Brian Padgett right now, who admitted to using cocaine and who is so deep in debt he can’t see the sun. You know his current situation well: he’s surrounded by controversy and lawsuits.

I’m sure you’ve done your due dilligence by this point in your relationshipo with Padgett. You must know the following if you’re worth your salt as an attorney:

A. Padgett wakes up in the same room as a dead woman who overdosed in a Henderson home’s bedroom after he admittedly did cocaine with her overnight (see:
B. Padgett is some $50 million in debt with more than 100 debtors trying to get their money back
C. He’s tied up in litigation involving at least 10-15 law firms
D. He’s threatened to physically harm a number of people
E. And to try to shut down the truth about what’s going on with him, let’s not forget the DDoS attack he was behind

So what do you say, Jennifer? Any way you can help clear up some of the mystery between you, Padgett and that huge hunk of jewelry?

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